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Agent Select helps you select the best performing agent for your property anywhere in Australia.


We’re here to show you a smarter way.

For most of us, we have no hesitation shopping around for the best price on TV’s, computers, flights or holiday accommodation.

But did you know that up to 75% of people selling a property select the first Real Estate Agent they talk to? No competitive process? For a $500,000 property, this is a decision that will likely cost you in excess of $10,000!


Free and 100% independent service to consumers.

Agent Select are a free service to vendors and 100% independent, with no affiliations or relationships with any real estate agents.

A national database of 40,000+ licenced real estate agents is leveraged to short-list the strongest performers based on your property profile and location. These agents then compete to secure your business via an unbiased, transparent process.


Most importantly, you choose!

You have complete control! Agent Select simply facilitates the bids of competing real estate agents into a simple, yet powerful comparison report.

If you have a relationship with a real estate agent, you can include them too. If you want to exclude an agent for any reason, no problems! Agent Select simply ensures a competitive, transparent process amongst the bidding real estate agents. You are the winner!!!


How can it be free?

For you, the property owner, the service is free. The lifeblood of real estate agents is strong, reliable leads for property listings.

For most agents, this is an expensive and often frustrating process – especially if not given the opportunity to compete for the listing! We simply ensure the best agents, based on the profile and location of your property, are given the opportunity to compete. For this, Agent Select receive a nominal Referral Authority fee that is standard practice in the industry.

Chat it over with our property expert David. Our local office number is 1300 040 463.

Whilst we strive to give you the best possible online experience, sometimes it's just nice to chat on the phone with a real person.

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