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Top Tips When Selling Your Home

Expert tips on improving your home before sale and getting a better price.

1 Hiring the right Real Estate Agent

To sell your house faster, a good Agent might just be all you need. Make sure you choose one who’s not just good at marketing, but is “hungry” to sell your property. If you are selling an investment property, focus on finding an investor friendly agent. This is the easiest step- with free comparison sites like

2 Pressure wash driveway and any decks

You probably haven’t noticed just how much dirt has slowly accumulated on your driveway and deck over the years – but trust me: it’s not clean. First impressions are everything – so make sure your first impression shines.

3 New mailbox

The mailbox is often overlooked as a trivial part of the home- but having a brand new mailbox is another simple and inexpensive way to show potential buyers that the house is fresh and updated.

4 Fresh mulch, grass, or plants outside

Landscaping is a small cost, yet is one of the most important things to do to help sell a house. The good thing is it generally just requires some sweat equity and an afternoon trimming the lawn and garden.

5 Spray and plug-in air fresheners

I’m sure you’ve heard the claims before – the human sense of smell can trigger powerful emotions in a potential buyer. A fresh scent signifies “new” – which everyone loves!

6 Keep it free of clutter

It’s important to clear away the clutter. By getting rid of junk and putting all your extra stuff in storage, you bring out the beauty of the room and help the room look larger, cleaner, and all around awesome.

7 Adjust Your Price

Don’t hold on to a high price if you aren’t getting any offers. The first 2 weeks of listing is critical. Take the feedback from home-lookers and Agent and adjust your price quickly and accept that your original price may have been optimistic.

8 Get your Neighbours to have a Clean Up

Encourage your close neighbors to clean up their properties before your first open day. It may be as simple as mowing their nature strip!

9 Replace light bulbs

Make sure that darker rooms have higher wattage bulbs to brighten them up. It’s cheap to replace and bright rooms = happy rooms.

10 Fresh paint

You can’t go wrong with fresh paint on trims, doors, or windows. You’d be surprised at how new a house can look with just fresh paint.

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11 Update the front door knobs and hinges

If they seem outdated, update them! Every prospect will notice these small things. Use some WD-40 spray to fix squeaks and creaks.

12 Have all windows cleaned

Do the cleaning inside and out. It gives better light and view to the outside. A $1 bottle of window cleaner and paper towel can do wonders!

13 Post photos on local hub/community sites

Posting your listing in other online directories can help improve your chances of selling fast. Nearly all buyers check online for houses, so don’t get left behind.

Spread the word whenever you can

14 Do a quick clean on everything

Sometimes, right before a showing, you just need a “quick clean” if time is limited. Things you may want to consider first are the bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen sink.

15 Price it right

Nothing beats doing your research and setting the right price. More often than not, you may need an Agent to help you calculate what that perfect price is – so don’t be afraid of asking.

16 Spread the word whenever you can

Even when you hire a real estate agent – they won’t do as good of a job marketing as you could. Be the marketer you are looking for! Spread the news on social media, inform everyone you know that you are selling your home, and encourage others to share the news.

17 Leave neutral furniture and accessories

Naturally, you want to get rid of all personal items and all family pictures from around the house (clear the clutter, remember?) However, having neutral furniture and accessories in the home can help a buyer visualise what the home will look like for them.

18 Turn on lights

Makes a good presentation by turning on all the lights in the home when having a showing. It’s a simple trick – but it works.

19 Play some good music while presenting

Play some soothing or popular music during open houses. This may give buyers a boost in confidence.

20 Put in new kitchen cupboard doors

You don’t need to completely replace your cabinets just replace or paint the doors for a much cheaper alternative.

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