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How does your company receive listing opportunities from Agent Select?

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  1. Unlike other lead generation sites real estate agencies DO NOT register with Agent Select
  2. If our algorithms rank your agency as one of the 4 best performing in the local area of the property being sold (or the vendor requests your company's inclusion) our property professionals will cross check and validate this data and if satisfied notify your company by phone and email as to the business opportunity.
  3. If offered the listing opportunity all you need to do is secure one of 3 vendor nominated appointment times to inspect the sale property, input authorised agents name, and submit our Lead Generation Authority accepting the terms and conditions.
  4. Immediately after successfully submitting the Lead Generation Authority, you will receive a confirmation email in your Agency's Agent Select dashboard, which includes the vendors contact details and the address of the sale property.
  5. Once you have inspected the property your company will be required to complete our online tender by the specified tender close date. There are 6 criteria which align to your normal listing procedure.
  6. If you have been successfully appointed to sell the property there is a requirement to upload some additional information which is governed by the terms of the Lead Generation Authority and includes:
    1. a copy of the Sales Authority and
    2. Sales Information Summary sheet.

Chat it over with our property expert Paul. Our local office number is 1300 040 463.

Whilst we strive to give you the best possible online experience, sometimes it's just nice to chat on the phone with a real person.

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