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    Fees and commissions explained

    Typically, the costs associated with selling your home can be broken down into three main categories: agent commission, marketing fees and conveyancing.

    Agent commissions are paid after the property is sold and are a percentage of the final selling price. They can range anywhere from 1% to 5% or more, depending on your location, property type and whether you're selling off-market.

    Marketing fees are designed to cover the costs of advertising your property on major websites like and This can vary from suburb to suburb and depend on your listing package.

    Conveyancing is a mostly fixed cost associated with the legal transfer of the property. It covers the process of preparing contracts and ensuring both parties are in agreement.

    Maximise your sale price

    When selling, we instinctively want the best price, but it's also important to consider just how much of that price might be gobbled up by agent commissions. It's important not to be too focused simply on the agent commission rate— as after all, its the agent who can help you achieve the highest price that's going to put the most money in your pocket.

    While the calculator can be used as a reasonable guide, Agent Select can provide you a full report specifically about your individual property. We can also talk you through the values and what they mean for you.

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