Why Spring is the hottest time in real estate

Spring has well and truly sprung, which means real estate markets Australia-wide are set to explode with a swag of fresh listings, a rush of new buyers and a trend of properties being snapped up within hours of hitting the market.


At least, this is the impression that many of us have of the spring property market, as it has long been touted in property circles that there’s no better time to sell than now.

Why do so many assume that property markets will experience a massive uplift in sales and a flurry of new activity in spring – and is this season really the hottest time for real estate?

The truth about selling property in spring

In some markets at least, the idea that a robust selling season emerges every spring has proven to be true. 

In our cooler southern states, for instance, the 1st of September represents a shift in weather, lifestyle and attitude that sees more people getting ‘out and about’. Leaving the house to inspect open homes no longer means bundling up in five layers with a scarf and an umbrella, before battling the wind and chill to traipse the streets for your new abode or investment.

In spring, as the weather warms up people move out of hibernation mode, the proposition of shopping for real estate becomes much more appealing – which can therefore creates the perception of more demand. 

We could mount a case in support of this theory in Melbourne’s auction market. In 2015, when the spring selling season came to a close in the final week of November, there were more than 1,850 homes scheduled to go under the hammer, according to the Real Estate Institute of Victoria. 

This is a staggering figure, especially when you consider that around 5,000 homes were up for auction over the entire month – itself a new record.

That said, as with all things to do with property, one blanket rule doesn’t cover all markets across the country.

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