Heritage homes back in demand for Perth homebuyers

Character homes are continuing to demand big premiums from Perth buyers, despite a slowdown in the rest of the market.

From 1900s Victorian brick homes to classic weatherboard cottages, heritage homes are transfixing Perth buyers. While the average house sits on the market for 77 days - the longest in the country - houses with quality character features are continuing to outperform, estate agents say.

Brookwood's Patrick Harper said while he had seen a cooling in the wider premium market, unique character homes were in demand.

"I'm often surprised by the range of buyers a character home will attract. Both young families and older couples will be interested and you can't necessarily pick the typical buyer," Mr Harper said.

"Quality brick or stone homes from the 1900s always get particularly strong interest. And homes that are in good condition and have been renovated tend to attract a premium. However, there are also those that are a bit more knowledgeable who want to pay less for something they can renovate themselves."

Heron Todd White director Brendon Ptolomey said it was an "unusual quirk" of the Perth market that character homes continued to sell well in market downturns.

"A heritage listing is something you consider when conducting a valuation," Mr Ptolomey said. "However, that's not to say a home being listed will magically add a premium to a home.

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