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Property listings across the country on the hop this spring

Agent Select / Property News / Property listings across the country on the hop this spring

by Sasha Karen

Property listings have been climbing this spring, in line with expectations. Now, with just a month left, the latest Property Pulse from CoreLogic analyses how sale listings are performing across Australia’s capital cities.

Nationwide, CoreLogic has registered 226,007 properties for sale, 5.3 per cent lower compared to last year, and is also low for this time of year compared to the last five years.

Within the capital cities, listings are up by 1 per cent, at 110,909 different properties advertised over the last 28 days.

Regional markets, as a proportion of overall listings, currently make up 50.9 per cent of all listings, the lowest proportion since December.

In each capital city across the country, the data for springtime listings differs:


Sydney has 25,625 property listings, up by 19.5 per cent from last year, and also higher than the last four springs.


Despite having more listings than Sydney at 30,570, Melbourne’s stock levels are 1.7 per cent lower than last year, and lower than the last five springs.


Brisbane listings are at 20,611, 2.5 per cent higher than last year. This is the highest number of listings since 2012, yet is 15.2 per cent lower.


Stock in Adelaide is at 8,794 properties, 8 per cent higher than last year, which is the highest number for this season since 2013, yet 7.7 per cent lower.


While there are 20,309 properties available in Perth, the highest figure from all the capital cities, this is down by 14.3 per cent compared to last year, but is up by 1.6 per cent compared to two years ago.


Coming in with the lowest number of properties for sale at 1,157, Hobart stock is 33.6 per cent lower than last year, which is 54.7 per cent lower than two years ago and is at a five-year low.


Stock levels fell slightly in Darwin for spring, at 1,581 properties, registering 1.9 per cent lower than a year ago, but is 73 per cent higher compared to five years ago.


Listings in the nation’s capital city are at 2,262, 14.4 per cent higher than they were last year, and also higher compared to 2015.

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