Gold Coast’s Glittering Property Market is Set to Attract More Sea Changers in 2022.

It seems that we will not yet see the end of “The great regionalisation” in 2022 as some property gurus and real estate agents predicted.

The normal lives of Australians have returned to normal with the opening of state and international borders. This allows people to migrate freely allowing Gold Coast’s population to continue growing at the same pace.

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COVID-19 has shifted perspective on the kind of life people want to live and thus they are making a dramatic shift from their urban city life to the seaside or countryside. People want to balance their professional and personal life. Remote jobs allow people to work from every corner of the nation while Australians can spend more time with their family, friends and children in the quietude of coastal life. 

The agents already have a stocked pipeline of properties that can be listed in 2022. Some agents are holding off the property and waiting for the right time to put it up in the market for the best deals.

The market is flooding in with a lot of buyers since the international borders opened. While the interstate people already know where they want to live in Queensland or the Gold Coast, they choose to spend some time here to take a look around, get comfortable and become acquainted with the locality. Once they love the place and get the vibe, they decide to go for the purchase. 

With so many buyers with different demographics entering the market, some are also worried about the supply issues that pestered most of 2021. Mr Srama levelled out that since the agents are holding off property, the problem of demand-supply imbalance might not occur this time.

Not everyone in the communities of the Gold Coast is up and jumping with joy at the news of the influx of buyers. By large, most of them consider this as a great opportunity for appreciation of the prices as well as the area. 

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They are in favour of these because with the influx comes new growth opportunities, new infrastructure development, better amenities and new places for entertainment and enjoyment. It eventually enhances the culture and benefits the people.

The most important aspect is to ensure that this beautiful and open countryside region doesn’t turn into a concrete jungle. It’s essential to understand and find balance in welcoming new energy and keeping the old intact and alive. This is what makes the place more attractive. 

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