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Property expert Andrew Winter says prepare yourself properly before you sell your home

Agent Select / Property News / Property expert Andrew Winter says prepare yourself properly before you sell your home

If you are selling, you may be concerned about how to select a real estate agent - your partner and confidante during the whole process.

You may have only seen their profile, or their image (often a picture either in cool black and white or a little airbrushed and shot with arms crossed and one shoulder pushed down and forward), but this is who will represent you and open your home to the buying public.

An in depth study has recently been undertaken by property research analysts CoreLogic RP Data and among the revelations is the surprising fact that most agents are not faring too badly in public opinion (sorry to all the Negative Nellies out there).

The most interesting part of the report was toward the end, where sellers were asked whether they would do anything differently next time they sold.

The comments offered a sound insight, but were nothing new to me. Here are a selection of the comments in the report that give you the power of genuine foresight, plus my input for good measure.

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