How to pick the best Real Estate Agent ?

Choosing the right real estate agent can be a daunting task and sometimes it can be hard to know whether you’ve made the right decision.

Here are seven signs you’ve chosen wisely.

They have a track record in your area

Nothing is more important for a real estate agent than having a good working knowledge of your local area. After all, what people are willing to pay for a home doesn’t just vary suburb by suburb, but street by street and building by building. So make sure your agent a strong record of attracting good prices for properties just like yours.

They’re connected

A good local agent brings with them a solid book of potential buyers. In other words,, they already know many people who are in the marketing for properties just like yours before it even hits the market.

They tell the truth

A real estate agent’s job may be to sell but they should never lie to close a deal. The best agents will be honest and upfront with you about the likely level of interest in your home, what price you’re likely to achieve and how long it should take to sell.

The best way to find out whether an agent is telling the truth about your property is always to interview more than one and compare what they say.

They communicate

That doesn't just mean they’re good communicators. It means that they communicate the way you want them to: whether that’s via phone or email. They’ll gauge whether you want to be kept up-to-date with every development as soon as it happens or only disturbed when something major happens. They’ll also work out what needs to be explained to you and what doesn’t.

They can justify what they’re doing

A good agent will tell you whether you should sell via auction or private treaty. But just as importantly, they’ll be able to explain why. They’ll know what kind of marketing campaign you should run, what work you should do before you sell and - because ultimately you’re in this to make as much as you can from your sale - where you can cut costs in readying the property for market.

They know their market

The best agents won’t just know who’s likely to buy your place, they’ll also know what makes them tick: what they like and don’t like, what they’re likely to pay more for and what’s likely to get them putting in an offer or bidding at auction. So don’t be afraid to visit the open homes of any agents you’re considering to see them in live action. And during a campaign, ask your agent what they’re telling prospective buyers and why. 

They leave nothing to chance

Finally, a good agent will do everything they can to get the best price (within reason). Once your property is on the market, they’ll follow up every lead to gauge their interest. If a serious offer is made, they will also keep any other prospective buyers in the loop to create a sense of healthy competition for your property.

After all, getting the best price usually means getting as many people interested as possible.

How does your agent measure up?

So how does your agent measure up against these seven criteria? And have you chosen a good one to sell your home?

To compare the best agents in your local area and find out who’s right to sell your home visit and enter your property address.

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