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How to negotiate the best commission

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Selling your home can be expensive with legal fees, stamp duty and of course the agent's commission.

It can all add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

While you can't negotiate on government fees and charges the one thing you can save money on is the commission you pay your agent.

Almost every state in Australia has deregulated agents' commissions.

How to negotiate the best commission

Ask a couple of agents to submit what they charge for commission. This will help you work out whether you are being charged a reasonable rate.

Create a little competition between agents, make sure they know you are asking others. You can use this to try and get the agent you really want to "price match".

Don't expect agents to be competitive with their fee if you want them to sell for above where the market is. If they have to work a lot harder to sell your property for the price you want expect to pay for it.

Don't always take the cheapest commission - you often get what you pay for.

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