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Finding a real estate agent you trust to sell your home can be a stressful and time consuming process.

Ideally, you want to achieve the highest sale price for your property in the shortest possible time while paying the best commission rate to the right agent. So where should you start when choosing an agent?

Why you need to compare agents

Don’t just choose the agent whose photo you recognise from their last letterbox drop. We always shop around for the best deal when buying an appliance or a car. But most people don’t interview a variety of agents before selecting one. And this approach could end up costing you thousands. Real estate agents all operate differently and each agent will have a different approach to selling your property. From sales and negotiation skills to varying commission structures, different ideas about presenting your property for sale, or marketing and advertising plans, whether to sell your home by auction or private treaty, and how high to set reserve or sale prices, it’s important to do your homework properly and choose the agent who is right for you.

Your reason for selling?

What do you need to compare?

The main things you should be looking to compare when choosing a real estate agent to sell your property include:

  • The realistic market value of your property you’re quoted, which should be based on both a best and worst case scenario and the comparable recent sales in your local area.
  • Does the agent recommend sale, tender or auction and why?
  • The agent’s detailed marketing and advertising budget and plans.
  • The agent’s commission fee and structure, usually quoted as a fixed or variable percentage or a flat fee.
  • The fine print in any agency agreement you will be signing.
  • And, last but not least, you need to meet the agent, to be confident in the individual real estate agent’s ability to sell your property. It’s important to feel you can trust them, can build rapport and understanding, and to know they have the skills, training and runs on the board to execute the sales campaign professionally and negotiate the best price for you with the least stress.
Where is your property located?

    What’s the easiest way to compare agents?

    You can try the time consuming job of finding and interviewing multiple real estate agents yourself, but the process of making like-for-like comparisons can be frustrating. However, there are other tools at your disposal.

    Agent Select is an free and independent online service that aims to take make it easy to compare and select a real estate agent to sell your home.

    Agent Select helps you appoint the best performing local agent to maximise your financial position, save you time, and give you total control of the sales process.

    Agent Select helps not only helps you find the best agent for your property type but it uses an online process, where you set the time lines. Agents must submit their best deal upfront to win the business. It also takes away the awkward part of letting the unsuccessful agent know you’ve chosen someone else.

    With information on 40,000 agents and over 400,000 property transactions Agent Select is not affiliated with any agents and is 100% free and independent service for consumers.

    Happy users of Agent Select have reported that the online tender process either helped them find an agent they wouldn’t have originally thought of, or that by using it they received a better deal from the agent they wanted.

    Type of property you are selling

    A simple 3-step comparison process

    1. Enter your address at and follow the instructions to receive a free property report.
    2. A request is sent by Agent Select to 3 of the Top Performing Real Estate Agents in your area (you can include a preferred agent if you like). The agents will then appraise your property and we'll compile their fees in a free 3 page Comparison Report. 
    3. You should then have all the information and research needed in order to confidently select the best agent to sell your property. And the choice is always up to you.

    Selling a property is one of the biggest financial decisions you’re likely to make, so it’s important to know you’ve done your research and that the sale is in the best hands possible. 

    Compare Agents in your area

    Compare Agents in your area

    We organise up to 3 of the best performing local Agents to appraise your property in an online report

    Secure the best deal

    Secure the best deal

    Agent Select can then help negotiate the best deal. We can save you thousands of dollars!

    Get a Property Valuation

    Get a Property Valuation

    Find out what your property is worth, current market conditions, suburb trends and recent sales.

    Chat it over with our property expert Bianca. Our local office number is 1300 040 463.

    Whilst we strive to give you the best possible online experience, sometimes it's just nice to chat on the phone with a real person.

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