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How to Find the Top Real Estate Agent (when selling).

Like any industry, not all real estate agents (and agencies) are the same. A good real estate agent empowers you, has a strong track record, and keeps your best interest at heart. 

It’s equally about getting the highest selling price and feeling like you’ve got a professional advocating for you. You might only sell a house once or twice in your lifetime — so this is a logistical and emotional experience. 

What's Your Property Worth?

Looking to sell and want to know how much your property can actually fetch?

Keep this in mind when choosing a real estate agent. Listen to your gut, not the one promising the highest sale price. 

Before you approach any agents, do your research. According to a CoreLogic RP Data report, a significant number of vendors said the next time they sell a property they’ll ask their agent more questions. These sellers shared the importance of doing your own research to help gain confidence and discern the trustworthiness of an agent. 

The different types of agents

The four main categories of real estate agents include: 

  1. Licensed real estate agents: who hold a qualification to own and operate an agency and sell properties. 

  2. Certified agents: professionals who have completed minimum certification in their area, while being employed by a licensed broker or principal. Certified agents operate under the guidance of a licensed agent. 

  3. Buyers’ agents: help you secure your next property, representing the purchaser, not the vendor. These agents hold specific credentials. 

  4. Residential letting agents: manage your property if you plan to rent it out to tenants. 

In most instances, prospective sellers go through licensed real estate agents who work in a firm or independently. 

Franchise vs. independent agency

Real estate agencies either belong to a franchise group or are independent. For example, Harcourts, Raine and Horne, and Ray White are franchises. They tend to be the household names and the agencies you think of first. This isn’t to say they’re the better choice though. 

While franchises offer wonderful onboarding, training, and rewards for agents, they might lack in personal attention that independent agents can provide. There are good and bad agents everywhere. 

It’s important to look past the agency brand and focus on the agent. Choosing a well-known brand doesn’t guarantee the quality of the agent. Ultimately, it’s the agent not the agency who will sell your home. 

Past wins — a successful selling history

Do your due diligence in terms of background research. Make sure the agents you shortlist are licensed, have a good reputation, and a selling track record of similar properties. 

Do they have local knowledge, experience, and good contacts in your area? Are they a member of the Real Estate Institute (REI) or a relevant professional organisation in your state or territory? Get to know their skill sets, experience, training, knowledge of the local area, negotiation ability, support network, motivations, and attitude. 

As you compare real estate agents, discuss the following details: 

  • The market value an agent puts on your property 

  • The agent’s commissions and fee structures 

  • The marketing and advertising strategy and budget they suggest 

  • The best type of agreement between you and the agency selling your home. 

Gut feel — who feels like the right choice?

Surprisingly, CoreLogic found only 38% of sellers interviewed just one agent before deciding who to use. 28% interviewed two agents, and only 34% interviewed three or more agents before making this big financial decision. 

Go on step further in your research and visit other properties your favourite agents have listed for sale. Attending open homes, seeing how the properties are presented, and watching the agent ‘on the job’ or at an auction can help you choose the one to represent your home. 

Speak to friends and family, talk to various agents, see them in action, and go with what your gut is telling you. No-one knows your home better than you. Share the amazing memories and stories you’ve experienced in the house, so your agent can transfer those emotions onto prospective buyers. Do they see the special characteristics of the home, like you do? 

Find the best agent in your city - Agent Select Find the best agent in your city - Agent Select

Buying and selling a home is an emotional journey. Don’t underestimate what your instincts are telling you about who is best to tell the story of your house. We exist to help streamline the preliminary research process. 

Agent Select is a free, independent service that helps homeowners select the best performing real estate agent and negotiate the most desirable terms to sell their property, anywhere in Australia. 

Using our sophisticated algorithm, we find the top three performing local real estate agents in your area. Rather than inundating you with dozens of calls from agents hungry for a commission — like other comparative websites — we only connect you with the best agents, then guide you through the whole process. This is empowered selling. 

Explore our house selling tips, organise a free property report, and use our agent fees calculator. 

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