How Much is your Property Worth? How Much is your Property Worth?

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Property Appraisal

Given your house is one of your most important assets, it’s worth dedicating time to understanding its true value before you go to sell it. This doesn’t mean going with the first agent you speak with or engaging the one down the road, just because it’s a familiar name. 

To unearth the real value of your house requires an independent, unbiased comparison of the best agents in your area, settling on 2-3 options you can then choose from. This is the Agent Select advisory service and it’s like no other. Let’s empower your next move. 

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Understanding the home appraisal 

Think about how much the property market has changed in the past 18 months. There are many variables that change the value of your house; local market fluctuations, previous sales, updates, renovations and new infrastructure in the area, for example.

Even if you’ve had a market appraisal done on your home three months ago, it might’ve changed. At such a hot, fast-moving time like now in property, it pays to look at all your options. 

A home appraisal is an estimate of the value of your house in the current market. Essentially, it’s answering the ‘how much is my property worth?’ question - through the lens of a  Real Estate Agent. 

To determine the value of your home, an Agent considers the property size, number of bedrooms, fixtures and fittings, building integrity, presentation and personality, location, ease of access, opportunities and restrictions, market conditions and local sales. 

Find the best agent in your city - Agent Select Find the best agent in your city - Agent Select

A property appraisal vs. valuation 

You’ve probably come across both an appraisal and valuation in your research. An appraisal is intended as a guide, performed by real estate agents, with local market insights and recent sale price data. It should only be used as an estimate. Valuations, on the other hand, are definitive, and required by a bank or financial institution prior to approving a home loan and often provide a very â€"conservative” price estimate. 

Sourcing 2-3 appraisals gives you a strong ‘feel’ for what your house is worth in today’s market. A free home appraisal is worth gold. 

What helps (and hurts) a house appraisal 

Whether or not you have time to get your home prepared for the free property appraisal report, it’s good to know what to focus on in the lead-up to the sale.

Do a deep clean and make stylistic changes, complete minor updates (paintwork, replacing tapware, polishing floorboards, and updating lighting), and invest in curb appeal. Put yourself in â€"their” shoes. Learn what buyers want.. What makes your home so special? Hone in on that. 

There are other factors that can impact the perceived value of a home. Some you have control over, others you don’t. Maintenance work, over personalisation and an unruly yard, for example, you can do something about. While, bad neighbours and you can’t. 

Focus on what’s in your power - cleanliness, improvements, and updates - and don’t get caught up with the rest. 

This is about more than money 

The real estate agent you choose to sell your home is ultimately up to you. Because we do this every day, not every 10 years, we offer a level of advice that’s refreshing, empowering, and designed to help you get the maximum amount of money into your pocket. 

Our appraisals have helped over 100,000 happy families. Let us help yours, too. Get a FREE property appraisal here.

Agent Select is a free, independent service that helps homeowners select the best performing real estate agent and negotiate the most desirable terms to sell their property, anywhere in Australia. 

Agent Select uses some sophisticated tech to find up to 3 top agents and coordinate the free property appraisal  process. Rather than inundating homeowners with hundreds of calls from agents, like other comparison websites do, Agent Select gives homeowners all the information they need to make an empowered decision with the complete freedom to appoint their agent of choice when they’re ready to sell. 



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