How Much is your Property Worth? How Much is your Property Worth?

Selling Your House Remotely? Here’s What You Need to Know

There’s been nothing conventional about the real estate market over the past two years. Incredibly high sale price results, the lead times, the low interest rates, and the lockdowns — it’s been the hottest seller’s market in modern history. 

And we’re still in it. 

It’s also been a time of uncertainty, fear, and a lack of freedom. As the nation continues to handle the cases and ramifications of the pandemic, many people have chosen to sell their property remotely. 

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This trend is also spurred by thousands of people moving out of urban areas or returning to their home states. Whether it’s out of desire to socially distance or you now live elsewhere, remote selling is a viable solution.

So, what is real estate remote selling?

Like people buy houses remotely, you can sell that way, too. Virtual selling is putting your property on the market and securing a new buyer, without you needing to be there. 

It can be difficult to prepare the property for sale if it’s not easily accessible. As with any house sale, it’s important to get the property as presentable as possible (and ready for sale) before you engage a real estate agent. 

Do you have close family or friends who can help oversee updates, repairs, and inspections? Everyone’s situation will be different, but, if possible, have someone you trust close by who can be present at appointments.

If you can travel to the house and dedicate a week or two of your time to get the property sale-ready, that would be extremely helpful. 

This includes cosmetic improvements, tapware and appliance replacements, repainting, high-pressure washing and cleaning, roof repairs, floor coverings and lighting upgrades, and heating and air servicing. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. What can you do to tell the story of your property? 

Find the best agent in your city - Agent SelectFind the best agent in your city - Agent Select

Questions to ask yourself

As you’re getting your house ready to go on the market, it’s important to consider your equity, selling goals, next steps, and financial position. 

  • What is your current equity in the property? 
  • Is speed more important than price, for selling your house? 
  • What’s your ideal selling price? 
  • What else can you do to increase the value of the property? 
  • What makes this property special? 

With the pace of the market, get yourself emotionally and mentally prepared for the sale. Once you speak to real estate agents, it’ll likely move fast. 

Selecting the right real estate agent, from afar 

With the best real estate agent advocating for you, selling a house remotely shouldn’t be much different from the normal process. Although it might feel daunting with the challenge of distance, Agent Select makes it easy for you. 

Through our sophisticated algorithm, we find you the top three performing real estate agents in your local area. So, no hours wasted, vetting through dozens of agents, just to find one that feels right. Don’t just go with the agency in town you know of. We connect you with the individual agent who has the most impressive selling results. 

The Agent Select service is even more crucial in remote selling situations when virtual sales techniques are necessary. 

This extra discovery step has saved individuals, couples, and families thousands of dollars. Without this precursory step, you’re just hoping for the best. With a decision as important as selling your property, take the time to locate the best agent to represent you. 

With an agent you fully trust, who connects to your story and acts on your behalf, distance becomes irrelevant. Agent Select empowers the selling journey, whether you’re near or far. 

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